Just an Average!

Hello there people

We often wonder in our busy lifestyles what if our career is as exciting as it seems in movies or nowadays social media.People are dressing up ,holding coffee,and going to their offices looking like million bucks and HAPPY! And then it dawns on us that we dont have that life and the question “why dont we have that life?” This often makes us think about ourselves that may be we are not that talented or just an average person.My purpose of writing this blog is to cater to an “Average person”.

A person like me

I read somewhere that one should have three jobs or better 3 purposes to keep them occupied.Hold on before making any opinions, let me make this statement more clear.

Thought was, that most of us are stuck with our routine not so exciting jobs with the only intent that we are getting paid .And let me tell you,nothing is wrong or bad in that.Congratulations !You are taking care of yourself or atleast trying to.

Cheers to the JOB that pays..

But you know what,our heart doesnt feel so joyful in doing that daily job though you are satisfied with it..

Some of us want to draw,paint,cook,read,write a book,dance,sing,make a blog,vlog,youtube channel,open a restaurant,start our own boutique,travel, but we are stuck in a rut.Nobody is telling you to just dive in and do the unthinkable.Though kudos to the people who do that! But all of us are not that brave or may be we dont want to monetize everything we do.

Just  breathe in and start doing what you actually like to do .The thing which makes you feel closer to what you would have been doing if not this job.Start taking out little time and you will realize that it gives you joy.It will make you feel like the lead of your own story

And most importantly,take care of yourself physically,mentally,socially.Take out time from your busy schedule and devote atleast some time to your body.Any form of physical activity you like and you will notice that it brings wonders. Not only it gets you in best shape ,you will feel mentally happy and strong too.

In a nutshell ,one must take care of 3 things in life:

1.Do you have a job that pays?

If you are ok with it,go on girl! How else you will pay for stuff you like.

2.Do you have any hobby or passion which makes you feel happy while you do it?

I am sure there must be something,howsoever trivial it might be. Do it and Do it often.

3.Do you indulge in any physical activity routinely?

5 days in a week counts

If answer is affirmative,you are doing better than most people of your age.

And if not,you know what to change now.

And who knows if you are lucky enough,you will find something worth doing that involves all 3 aspects given above.  Till then,be an awesomely average person 😉

Love and hugs





No one told you life was gonna be this way!

Well this is the thing about life.It does not come with a manual.No matter how many advices we get from our parents,grandparents,friends,’ wellwishers’ we somehow or atleast most of us fall back ,get up on our own and devise our own strategies to deal with this big bad world which is beautiful too.

I am talking about love which make this world such a beautiful place to live in inspite of all its fallacies.No..I am not a dreamy eyed teenager who is besotted with their partner and thus finds everything fairy although at some point of time we all have experienced or atleast craved for it.I am talking about love that is hard,time consuming,needs effort,selfish and most of all make us wonder is this really love!

We all have in some point of time when we get into relationships think that this is it but when everything new goes past us and we see other people we indulge in a little self thought whether we deserve to be in such a relationship which has nothing new to offer to me. See..I am not passing on a verdict here as to what is right or what is wrong( I am not a relationship expert..I wonder who these people are..Duh!). I am just trying to find out answer to some questions which i have more and more started to believe are not there. Is it the same thing like having different best friends at each stage of your life ?? We all not necessarily share the same equation with our school or college friend with whom once we all used to think of staying together all our lives.We move on and make new friends. Does that mean betrayal?

No. Then why having a different partner in each stage of life is something looked down upon .By this time,all of you must have been convinced about the person i am..Hold on buddies

Or Do you believe you meet someone once in a lifetime who ignites your soul like no other and make you crave about them all day long? Everthing you do together seems like having fun and you cant imagine any other person to be with.

Well..I am neither of the believer of the above two scenarios( as i said earlier,there is nothing right or wrong ,there are multiple possibilities). I believe love is choosing the same person everyday over everything. I find love in sitting and talking and not feeling compelled to please the other person with my thoughts .I find love in working chores together and discuss about all day of work or home. I find love in just sitting idle together and doing our own thing.I find love when other person bares upon all their secrets and trust you that you would take care of it.I find love in sleeping till late on sunday morning and then ordering breakfast because you both are too lazy to move.I find love in all those sleepy afternoons and rainy mornings when you just do nothing together. I find love in making through your all day and then crying in your someone’s arms at night because you feel home and you cant lay bare your soul open in front of strangers. I dont feel love if it makes me all crazy,on my toes and makes everything haywire. I find love when the person brings peace to my life. I dont feel love when i am unable to sleep because of everything goes on in my head.I feel love when i am able to sleep peacefully knowing i dont have to worry about anything not beacuse other person will take care of it but we have each other to face anything come what may!

That is LOVE! (or my verdict of love)

I do wanna know all the alternate notions.So let me know in the comments section below.

Love and hugs.